Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Information

A stimulating classroom which challenges students every day to reach for excellence.  The interactive curriculum develops creativity, confidence and character.  Our small student to teacher ratio guarantees personalized individual instruction and helps every child recognize his or her worth in God! 

Pre-K 4 - Extremely engaging program for four year olds that has students eager for more!  From circle time to centers, everything in the classroom is gearned for early learning and literacy.

Pre-K 3 - Excellent program for three year olds that is friendly and fun! The classroom promotes learning with activites that strengthen and encourage social skills while engaging little minds in higher learning.


Hill Country Academy will be using The Principle Approach, specifically The Noah Plan Curriculum in all classrooms Kindergarten and higher as a Biblical Classical Education. 

The Principle Approach is the authentic Biblical philosophy and method of education. The method is built upon the foundation of absolute Biblical principles and the best elements of classical teaching and learning. It is the educator's tool for impressing the hearts of students with Christian character, self-government, and Biblical worldview for scholarship and leadership in our constitutional Republic and in the Kingdom of God.  The Principle Approach enables teachers to teach children one-by-one by capturing their attention, and then by inspiring, cultivating, consecrating, and instructing them - just as Jesus did as the Master model teacher who should be every educator's first professor of education.

The Noah Plan is the Principle Approach K - 12th grade curriculum designed to equip the teacher with direction and instruction without the limitation of moment-by-moment lesson modules.  It proposes a comprehensive course of study in all academic disciplines that inspire the child's own industry to learn through classic studies that are whole, character-forming, and practical.

Our church's mission is to Ignite a Passion in People for Genuine Life in Christ.

Hill Country Day School is a ministry of Hill Country Church
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